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Renting the Cutrer Mansion or the

Norman Brown Commons Building


We have several rental options available at the Coahoma County Higher Education Center and the Cutrer Mansion.


This information should help explain some of the different prices and options for the Cutrer Mansion.

For all other space requests on the CCHEC campus, please contact

Taylor Armstrong at or Jen Waller at



Option 1For a Large Weekend Event – If you would like to rent the Cutrer Mansion or the NBC Building on a weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday night) for a large weekend event with over 40 people attending and you want this party to last more than 3 hours, the rental fee package will be $1,000. This fee includes security and set up fee.

All private rentals require liability insurance. If you are having a caterer and/or bartender they have to be certified and documentation must be provided before your event. 


This price range allows you to get into the building the day before to decorate and give you the day after to clean up. You would also "check out" a key to give you or your coordinator access in and out of the building to decorate and prepare for the event for more than 2 hours. Security is always required for evening events.



Option 2All Other Events -- If you want to do a smaller event in the Cutrer Mansion, we have some additional options available. On Saturday during the day (with less than 40 people) and no more than 3 hours for the event, no more than 2 hours to decorate and no later than 7 pm including your clean up time (which means the event would have to be OVER by 6 pm), the rental fee will be $250 + $100 set up fee + security if alcohol is served so $400.


Security is $15 per hour so a minimum of $350 + security cost would be required for this type of rental. The customer does not get a key to "check out" with this type of rental. An event assistant would meet you here to let you in 2 hours prior to the event to decorate and then come back when you have cleaned up to review the house and close it down.


The Cutrer Mansion is also available for rental during the week for about the same cost or slightly less. Contact us today to get a quote for your special event!


Note: A $100 deposit is required to put any event on the calendar and payment in full is due 1 month in advance of the event.


Please schedule a time to tour the mansion and fill out the paper work with the Director's Assistant, Taylor Armstrong.

She may be contacted by calling 662-621-9344 or at


All other questions can be directed to the Director, Jen Waller at


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