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Civil War Sesquicentennial Lecture Series


     In the fall of 2014 through the spring of 2015, the CCHEC offered a Civil War Sesquicentennial Lecture Series that was well-attended. It was sponsored by the Mississippi Humanities Council.


     Delta State University and the Coahoma County Higher Education Center in Clarksdale hosted four lectures featuring Civil War Scholars from the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, and the University of Memphis. The series emphasized a variety of themes  surrounding the American Civil War in these four engaging, thought-provoking lectures on a topic of great interest in Mississippi and the surrounding region during its 150 year anniversary. This particular academic program was organized by Dr. Chuck Westmoreland, Assistant Professor of History at Delta State University, with support from the CCHEC.


     For more information about this series, or suggest other academic program ideas, contact Jen Waller, director of the CCHEC,  at



Dr. Susan O'Donovan
Associate Professor of History
at the University of Memphis
Speaking Date: September 30, 2014
Professor Miller Boyd III
Graduate Instructor of History and African American Studies at the University of Mississippi
Speaking Date: Feb. 20, 2015
Dr. John Marszalek
The Giles Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at MS State University and the Executive Director of the Ulysses S. Grant Association
Speaking Date: November 6, 2014
Dr. Anne Marshall
Associate Professor of History at Mississippi State University
Speaking Date: April 9, 2015
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